How do I break up with my boyfriend of 3 years?


I love him still, but I feel myself more and more unhappy every day for the smallest things.

He's off college 5 days a week, and he never wants to spend time with me that isn't at his house (once a week) or meet me after college (one day) and walk back to his (a big rush to get home).

BUT he always goes out with his parents and family nearly everyday, he's invited me some times, but we never get to do anything just us two. I feel like he prefers their company, and I get angry when he goes out with anyone who isn't me but only because he rejects all my plans, or says "in a few weeks" when he will jump into things with any family member.

I feel like he does everything for them and nothing for me, he has to babysit for them and if we do eventually plan something he'll have to check first cause he has dates for babysitting in his calendar, so that comes first before me

I can't help but think if his family were all dead things would be better. But really the problem is him.

I imagine if we ever had kids or get married his family would take over, but only because he would ask them to, and I couldn't live like that

How do I break up with someone I love? I couldn't imagine life without him and not talking to him daily, but I feel very unhappy nearly everyday recently and when I bring it up he just gets aggressive and unhappy, so it's best for both of us
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I think saying he is IN college 2 days a week makes more sense lol, he gets 5 days off
How do I break up with my boyfriend of 3 years?
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