Should I text a girl back?

Hey so I recently started liking this girl again and we've been talking a lot recently. But, I think I splurged a little and I Facebook chat her about every single day. I have just found a way to text people without having a plan, so I started texting her too. But, 2 days later (today), I think she might be fed up with me or something because we started a text convo and she said she was having dinner, and I asked if I was interrupting anything. There was no reply text message and it's been like 2.5 hours so I'm assuming that she's either ignoring me, or just didn't get the message/ didn't check her phone. Is this a sign that she's not interested at all? In this situation would I try to establish a conversation again by texting her or do girls really get fed up with some guys?


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  • relax. its most likely nothing. if it was like two days it would be different.. she's probably just really busy and forgot.. give her a little space.. and if she doesn't txt you in the next day... txt her.. then if she still doesn't txt you back.. she's probably just not interested anymore.

    • I'll see to that. thanks for the response.

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