Why hasn't my ex told anyone of our break-up after more than a month?

First i heard from the kid that babysits his son that his son doesn't know, he thinks i just work a lot. But now a few days ago my ex's brother in law text me if everything was ok. I said i was fine, he asked why i wasn't at Thanksgiving as my ex told everyone i was in utah with family (i ended up there but that wasn't my original plan i was supposed to be with his family). i told him we split a month ago and he seemed shocked. He thinks my ex may be reconsidering then if he's not wanting to tell anyone. But at the same time i haven't heard anything from him in like 20+ days. The whole thing is weird and making me sad. He has commitment issues and im pretty sure thats why he ran. advice, suggestions?


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  • Some people just don't want to explain it hundreds and hundreds of times over and over again. They'd rather it just be done and people quietly figure it out for themselves.

    You need to move on. If he hasn't spoken to you in that long, it doesn't matter if he still has feelings or not, he just isn't ready. Don't wait on anyone.


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  • Hi : )
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  • ask him

    • He won't talk to me... he ignores me. Plus im done reaching out to him because of his ignoring me

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  • he couldnt accept it

    • Couldn't accept the break up? he's the one who dumped me... do you mean reconsidering?

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