Have you ever had an ex reappear in your life years later?

A guy i dated back in nov 2011 to new years 2013 came back after all this time. He had been cheating on me for a good majority of our relationship, i had no idea until right before new year. We had a nasty breakup and i haven't seen or heard from him since march 2013.
He randomly friend request me on Facebook today.
Has this happened to anyone else?


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  • There is an old saying "they always come back"


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  • No, and she hadn't been cheating, but it was all very traumatic and it took the wounds a long time to scar. (I don't think they ever will properly heal.)

    After an interval of over a decade she showed up in the same department, so that I have to work with her one morning a week. Her latest trick has been to change office to the one next door to mine.

    I wish she would just bugger off.


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