Do I trust the boy my friends tell me not to? Help?

So, this boy and I have known each other for 2 years and we became romantic at the start of this year. It was never official but it was special. Our mutual friend actually warned me he is a fuck boy and he has cheated on his girlfriend in the past. He did disappoint me a few times like not showing up when he said he would three times.
I went on holiday for a month and I said we should just be friends.

Mainly because my best friend was telling me he's not worth my time.
But we still talk on the phone for hours on end, we miss each other a lot and I feel like I can be myself and actually talk about what's on my mind around him.
We talk about everything and anything.

Girls, please help, is this guy worth keeping around?


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  • Untimately it's up to you. However if they're good friends they might just not want to see you hurt. I myself was warned about someone and I didn't listen. But I wish I had.
    I think us females want to think that we can tame the bad boys. But its not worth the risk. Not to me anyway. Not after this person caused me more pain and heartache than anyone else.
    Best of luck


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  • Your friend is only looking out for you, and she's your best friend for a reason. I'd trust her.

  • You should listen your friend


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