Guys, Why is my ex randomly texting me and answering my texts if he is done?

So, I did a major fk up that ultimately he claims ( and most people ) would not redeem the relationship from.

2+ months ago he found out I've been hanging with my ex from years ago ( not sleeping with but still I will admit its cheating non the less. I am wrong ). My most recent ex whom I was with for years, was pretty crappy to me at times. Always getting mad at stupid things, always cursing, breaking up with me, pretty much made me hate myself and I strayed.. For a while... Mind you I believe he did the same thing although he claims "flirting and talking to other girls isn't cheating" ... We both are screw ups in my book..

He found out right before his birthday and I apologized all I could, but I let him be... About a month ago after I figured his anger probably subsided, reached out to him. He was angry, then kept coming back texting me, all day. This happened for a few days. He said he realized how horrible he was to me, but isn't sure if he could ever go through it again... That was it.. he became VERY active on social media when he generally is as quiet as a snail... 2 weeks later I text him on Thanksgiving... guessing he didn't see the text, because when I saw him out that night, he was talking to my best friend then called me 3 times in the middle of the night... We briefly talked Thanksgiving, then all day the next day. He said he can't trust me, yet has been stalking my where about, asking why was I here on this day and said the sweats he just saw me wearing as he drove by looked baggy... Then the next night out of no where texts me "sorry".. Asked him why and he said for being immature and stupid...

Out of no where last night he texts me thumbs up? I ask why, he replied he was checking out my twitter ( which he hasn't been a follower of in months)... He says he's done, but all of his behaviors speak otherwise. Not to mention he stated he still talks about me and us to his friends.
Guys, Why is my ex randomly texting me and answering my texts if he is done?
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