They broke up a month ago and he is flirting with me. They're together again eventhough he is flirting with me yesterday. What should I do?

He said that he doesn't have any feelings for the girl anymore. He started flirting with me for weeks now. He said he likes me and wants to court me. He is touchy and he says I'm his, when guys take interest in me. Yesterday, we were together at a friend's birthday party. He is still flirting with me. He holds my hands, my waists, and even attempts to kiss me. It was my last day at my internship yesterday and it would probably be the last time that I see him if he doesn't make a move to me. But then, I saw his post on facebook today. It seems like they're together again. I don't want to make a fuss about it. I want to keep my mouth shut. Of course I'm angry at him. But I'm also worried for the girl. Is it still considered cheating for her part? Should I tell her or should I bury everything that happened between me and his boyfriend?


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  • Don't flirt back, he'll get the clue you're not interested

    • he doesn't flirt with me anymore because they were back together again yesterday. should I tell her girlfriend or what?

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    • why?

    • Because then you just look like someone that's jealous and then you make an enemy of her and then you might even make an enemy of him

  • Tell her and drop the jerk

    • is it still considered cheating?

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    • Why is he flirting if he's happy

    • wow. thanks bro. you helped a lot! ❤

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