Are players happier than guys who monogamous?

Reason for this question is that I see a lot of men similar to me who stayed faithful to one girl gave his all and got screwed over. They then become bitter and angry towards all women, now guys who sleep around still have some form of resentment to women because they see the truth behind the innocent act but they seem happier when compared to guys who give their all, they come out mostly unscathed. Now when I say player it doesn't necessarily means he focuses completely on women as his , I mean he just doesn't invest too much into one girl , he gets what he wants from each to satisfy his needs while he works towards his goals. So lets compare based of how you live, or guys around you, who would you say is happier? (This mostly relates to when the rship ends and when cheating occurs)


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  • I asked my guy friend this question, and basically here's what he told me.

    He used to be a player, and now he has a serious girlfriend. He is happier with being monogamous because the sex is better for him with someone who knows his body. and he feels an emotional attachment to (also it helps he can skip condoms with her haha.)
    He says he's happier when he's with her, and when they broke up it sucked, but at least he got those moments of pure happiness before the storm. As a player he just constantly felt satisfied, but not happy.

    it's all a matter of finding girls who are worth it as well.

    If that doesn't make sense let me know and I can clarify lol

    • Lol I get it. But look at it this way... women (not hating) are with multiple guys because of the "feeling" they give. For example my ex, she states she likes being with guys with different personalities, of course I was the sweet guy that gives her of attention , affection and love then you had the bad boy on the side. then she went abroad for a few months she met another guy to fill in the void. I think its much harder for women to be consistent in relationships because they have things they constantly need/want or else they find or else where. Point is your friend can have that happy feeling while being with a few other girls at the same time. They are called main chicks for a reason. Giving your all to women I learn is a mistake. I ask one of my friends ( player) has she ever met a girl who actually stays faithful to one guy she said no and majority of females I ask give the same answer , they said its men's fault for always suggesting being a side nigga. Lol id like your opinion

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    • I personally would never leave my boyfriend because I like someone more, I care about his feelings too much for that. The grass is always greener on the other side.
      But I see some girls do. I find it kind of immature in a way, because part of falling in love is accepting a person's flaws (as long as they aren't too drastic) and working past problems. Not getting up and leaving when you find something better.
      I hope that makes sense.

    • Oh also the original question was about guys, or I thought it was, so I answered concerning that. I know a lot of girls are picky and their mindset is different than guys xD

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  • Hi. Can you read my take?:

    By no means I consider myself a player. But I am happier without commitment. Please feel free to ask any questions 😊

    • Read it and damn... all I did was give my ex money for school every two weeks but you rearranged your life sigh. Never give your all to a woman I guess.

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