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Me and my girlfriend have been going out for just over a year. Our relationship was very close, we slept together almost every night, I was with her most of the time at school. We had a very open and loving relationship. I am only 19 and live away from home for university where I met her. Our houses in the summer are 2hrs away and she goes to camp for 2 months when I can't see her. We both went through the summer last year (which sucked), but this year she says she wants a break for the summer. She says "she doesn't know what she wants" and she needs "space to make a decision". I don't understand why she needs space if we will barely be seeing each other this summer, and I feel like she's making it official just so she can have fun single this summer and not for any other reason. She tells me she loves me and wants to try in September but I can't be ok with her doing this. I feel like if she is willing to risk our relationship because she won't make the sacrifices for me this summer than it tells me a lot about the way she feels about me and how much she values me. I am very crushed, this is my first love. I feel empty and I can't believe its hurting so much. I was thinking about trying to break for the summer prior with the intentions of meeting new girls this summer but she did it to me after I consciously made the decision to stay together. I love her so much but I feel her actions have shown me how she truly feels and I feel like I can never be with her again. I told her I will not be there in September and if she does this than we are breaking up. She says that that is not what she wants and she doesn't want to break up, she tells me she loves me that she doesn't want to hurt me and that she's not doing this to meet new guys. I can't believe her, I am so heartbroken and just want to talk to her. The situation is probably better for both of us but for some reason I can't pull myself to be ok with it, the idea of her doing this for other guys makes me so angry and I feel like I can never forgive her. Why did she do this? What should I do? How do I get over it? What does she not want (me)? What does she want instead (other guys)? I have never loved anyone like I loved this girl, and she keeps telling me she "doesn't know what she wants" and I'm not someone who compromises for anyone. I am heartbroken but I don't think I can ever forgive her even though I wanted to do the same thing this summer. She just called me to do it too, so I feel as though I am being dumped and I think we would have worked something out if we had brought it up prior to going home for the summer, I just couldn't bring myself to say it and neither could she. Please help I feel horrible.


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  • ive been in this exact same situation almost and I know, it is very hard. the best thing to do is tell her that this break means that not only is she free, but so are you. I mean your not going to go out of your way to meet new girls or anything like that but if the oppurtunity arises, and if you fall out of love with her then she might lose you. tell her you respect her decision, but the consequences might be catostrophic to your relationship, yet they may not be. also if she keeps on going with the brek, don't try texting her/calling her every day and all day. yeah its hard at first I know. honestly it'll be a couple weeks before your used to it. if you do that and actually give her her space, she'll want you back gauranteed. she'll miss talking and sleeping with you. just don't be annoying and make sure she knows of the possible consequences..hope this helps

    • are pretty much back together although its kinda dragging on now...

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  • give her

    the break so she can see what she's missing

    • Agreed. take this opportunity for yourself to see what other girls are like. widen your horizon

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