Why is he making me look crazy?

OK me and my ex of 3yrs broke up and we have a son together...we both agreed to be friends and civil for our son...but when I'm nice or I try to ask him a question on Facebook about our son...he gets all crazy putting on his wall that I'm like stalking him or some sh*t saying leave me alone b4 I snap but then will talk to me on the phone all nice and want to hangout...whats his deal and how can I keep everyone from thinking I'm a crazy baby mama...


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  • Why are you asking him questions about your son (family, private questions) on a wall on Facebook? Email, Text, Phone Call. You are taking what he may be considering very personal (it's your son, for crying out loud) information and putting it out there for the whole world to see. In my opinion, that's a big mistake. I would be upset as well.

    Facebook is a social networking tool, not a parental assistance tool. He's not married to you, not dating you, and although you share a son together, he may feel like you're barging in on his social life.

    What if you were dating another guy, and the two of you were in bed getting freaky when all of the sudden your ex comes storming in turning the lights on saying "Hey I have a question about our son?" How would you react.

    A bit of an extreme analogy, but appropriate.

    • Well I didn't mean on his wall I meant sending him a private message because he checks it at work..and not his phone...but then he goes crazy like he doesn't want anyone to know he's nice to me but today wanted to take me to the movies and sayin srry but he won't even be my friend on Facebook...idk

  • It sounds like maybe he isn't entirely comfortable or at peace with the idea that you two are remaining friends. It's wrong, he shouldn't do it and make you seem that way.

    Have you confronted him about it?

    I will say that as a guy that has an ex-girlfriend who is now a friend, I get weirded out and uncomfortable when my ex leaves me Facebook comments that are overly friendly since it leads all my friends to assuming that we're getting back together, although I don't go to the lengths of calling her a stalker.

    The next time he calls wanting to hang out, ask him why he replies to you like that on Facebook. If it makes him uncomfortable then he should say so and you should try and work it out between you, but either way, he definitely shouldn't be making you out to look that way to everyone you both know.

    • I don't leave him comments or anything I tried to be his friend on Facebook and he said I was stalking him and he checks it while he's at work and not his phone so that's why I send messages but he wants to be around me when no one elsa is and is nice but is mean if he's around someone like he doesn't want them to know which I think is childish we have a kid together so shouldnt we be nice to each other and not act like teenagers tryin to make each other jealous...idk

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