Pursue new relationship even though he is my ex's friend?

My ex and I were in an 11 month relationship and he broke up with me. We ended up getting back together for about two months because he apologized etc. However, as most second-attempts, it didn't work out and we got into a lot of arguments etc, and he broke it off again. I have no qualms about the breakup and am emotionally fine with what happened, but one of our mutual friends and I have started flirting, and I am not sure whether to pursue this. If my ex was to ask me back out, I would say no, so that's not the issue, but I am not sure how long it will take me to not COMPARE the two relationships. Any advice? Truthfully I'm not even sure exactly what I'm asking... :)

Oh, and he liked me at the same time as my ex a year ago, and I had chosen my ex...I didn't know until after my ex and I started dating that he liked me...


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  • I don't see what they problem is. You say that the reason why you're iffy about this new guy has nothing to do with the fact that he's your ex's friend as well as yours. As to the comparison, that's going to happen whether he was a complete stranger or a friend of your ex. Don't let that be the deciding factor. Just free your mind and follow your heart.

    • Thanks :) I guess I'm just getting influenced by friends who are saying that its a bad idea...

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