Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time?

I found out recently my ex boyfriend been... well living a double life. He lied about not being together with his wife. He always referred to her as his ex wife when he talked about her. So sadly, I was in a relationship for a year and a half with a married compulsive liar. He always used to tell me how much he loved me and how I was the best thing in his life. How can you really love someone and hurt them like this?
I guess because I wanted to be in his life more he distanced himself more or maybe he got closer to his wife. And it ended because of him ghosting on me. But I think he wanted to end it weeks before the break up, don't know why he lead me on.


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  • he didn't love you anyone who lies or keeps secrets is not loving only lusting or at best has issues he needs to work on


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  • You don't love someone to treat them that, that's what exactly right.


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  • He liked your attention and the sex. It better you know so you can either cut him off or keep fucking him but point is he probably not leaving so you'll be a side chick, and some girls are cool with that.


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