Is my ex trying to get me back, do I go back? Help please?

Simply, dated for 5 months, broke up because of distance, however i wasn't happy. I planned all dates, i didn't agree with his drug problem and i just felt like i was getting played, however he always texted called me first, which made me think he cared about me. He also dumped me over text saying he doesn't want a relationship. I was hurt like a bitch,

so blocked him and took him off my socials and tried to moved on.

He moved away for 11 months and now is back. These are my signs,

* he randomly contacted my sister on fb asking to go for coffee because his in the area (she denied) he asked her multiple times
* asked if im seeing anyone
* asked how my family was
* asked about my how im going with my job
* he wanted to see me, my sister said to vidit me at work, she told me, i waited then nothing. Then asked him why he didn't come and he said he 'pussied out'
* told my sister that he hasn't dated anyone since me
* his still single
* i bumped into him and he kept telling me about how well his doing but nothing about me
* was trying to be friendly with me
* i love polka dots, it just my thing, he has been wearing polka dot shirts on his social medias

Is he trying to attract me again? I feel like he is but i dont want to rush into things because again i got screwed around the first time round, however i can't seem to get over him, which sucks.
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Is my ex trying to get me back, do I go back? Help please?
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