I'm still inlove but confused on what to do?

so it began a year and 8 months ago. We worked at the same place and within a couple of shifts we got along and started talking. He added me on social media but I didn't give him any details about me nor did I ask him to add me, he only knew my first name and we had 2 mutual friends. Ever since we started talking everyday and got to know each other more and more. He asked me to go to have a "maccas run" but I rejected him 2 times but the third time he asked I accepted and we decided to go to dinner but instead went to my favourite yoghurt place "yoghurt land". On that day, I grabbed his phone and took selfies which ended up to be a spam but after a couple of months, I looked at his phone and he still kept it. On all our dates we would go to the lake and walk. On one of our dates he told me the reason why we can't be together, it was our age different and how he wanted me to experience my teenage hood without him stealing it away from me. But we seemed to ignore what he said an continue loving each other and going on dates. Our love was very strong that his parents even knew and prayed for me that I won't get hurt and better thing will happen to me. On his love letter it explained why he loved me and how he won't give up along side that he will always keep a picture of me in his wallet. He gave me a rose to not make me sad. On the last day before we stopped contacting. He said we should stop talking and that it was for the better. He always mention this during our relationship. So from that day we literally stopped talking but occasionally he would check up on me with my best friend and ask how I was doing. He mention how much he loved me but had to do the right thing. The thing is till this day we haven't spoken but I am still truly Inlove with him. my love for him hasn't changed. I was wondering if I should maybe start the conversation with him or not because maybe he moved on but he promised he won't give up. What do I do?
I'm still inlove but confused on what to do?
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