Is it okay for my girlfriend to text a former one night stand a basic question?

After recent conversations concerning my comfort level with my girlfriend being in situations or places with ex boyfriends and a ex one night stand and me making it pretty clear that I was uncomfortable with such things I found out that she text a former one night stand to ask a question concerning a bus she wanted to rent for a upcoming event? I am mad and want a woman's opinion on if that is supposed to me an acceptable thing for a girlfriend to do?
I would really appreciate more women to answer my question, Please?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm... if its once .. if its more txts... then maybe.. but if she continues and maybe starts flirting with them.. start doing it too.. and see if it bothers her.. then tell her now you know how I feel.. and see if she respects how your feeling more.


What Guys Said 1

  • You're just being jealous and insecure sorry. The more you act like that, the further you'll drive her away. Now if you get angry over a simple enquiry like that, it's unreasonable, but I'm sure that some of the situations you brought up with her are reasonable. The difference is to gauge what is reasonable and unreasonable realistically. But that means for you to first get over that she was with these other guys at some point and not get so emotional when one of them is brought up.


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