Sending my exes top back want passive agressive note to send wth - any ideas?

So basically my ex/best friend used to give my loads of tops, but we've had a massive argument and after what he said I never want to speak to him any more. We never see eachother because we live so far apart, so I thought I'd post his old tops back to him. I thought sending it to his home would be better than his uni address, but I want to attach a short passive agressive note to it but have no ideas so far all I have is "returning what's yours - Amelia" but I want to show him I'm pissed! Any ideas?


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  • Honestly dont waste your own money on sending them to him, just move on. Send him a message about his stuff and if he wants it back just tell him he needs to pay the shipping costs or he should pick them up himself. And if you get no response within a couple of weeks just throw his stuff away. You have moved on so you owe him nothing. And if he wants his stuff back he will need to put in some effort himself.

  • You said that you don't what to speak to him anymore and yet you want to prompt a reaction and for him to notice that you are angry, which is counter intuitive. Either you want rid of him or you don't. If you don't want him out of your life then don't pretend that you do. If you do then don't waste time on caring what he thinks about you sending his tops back.

    Basically, be clear about what you want and then be true to that.

    • I don't know what I want, which is a pain! He treated me so badly and I can see that so I should want him out of my life, but I love him so I always find excuses to get him back in! I do see your point, if I need to move on do you recon it's best to not even send them?

    • If I were you I would put them away somewhere, in storage, in the basement, in the loft. Box them up, tape up the box and put them out of sight and mind. If he doesn't ask for them back within a few months then get rid of them. It is not your responsibility to be sending his stuff to him, if he wants it he can ask for it.

      He treated you badly, you are hurt and you want him to realise how badly he treated you and to feel bad about that. That's natural, we are brought up to believe that bad actions have consequences, that we get justice. Unfortunately you can't make him properly realise or even care about your pain. That is just the reality of break ups sometimes. He might well understand what he did wrong and not need you to tell him. Or he might be entirely oblivious. You can't control that either way and to try and influence it is a waste of your time and energy. You are just keeping yourself from healing.

    • Thank you so much! He doesn't care I doubt he ever did, but you're right I'm only doing it for me and that shouldn't be it! I just need to get rid of him

  • Why di you have to show that you're pissed
    This is what i dont understand about people
    Just mail his shit back and move on

    • Because he played me for 2 years, and has moved on (whilst dating me) to several new girls!

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    • I think that if you put anything that implies you're trying to move on then he will know that you haven't moved on
      But thats just my opinion

    • Thank you!

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