Help me. What does he mean?

Well, I'm sorry this is a stupid question but I just want to know what does he mean. (My mother language is not English). I broke up with my boyfriend few months ago (he was my first love and I was his but we had so much ups and downs. We had such a special relationship and we knew each other about two years. I wanted to write him a farewell letter because I'm such lame person lol... jk, but I wanted him to know how much he means to me and he is so special person to me. I wrote him:" I just wanted to say I'm sorry, I really am because I got so mad and I said some things I didn't mean only because I was so upset, I don't want to hate or be mad and be like that. But like I said earlier, I had so fun time with you, we knew each other such a long time. Thanks for everything, and I mean it. I'll always remember you and all of the good things we did together and memories, I never forget our laughs, jokes, smiles, conversations, plans and experiences, kisses, hugs, how strongly I once felt and that time when we couldn't keep our hands off each. So, that's about that. Be safe." I know, such a a lame and cheesy text. He answered to me: "thanks, same to you." But does he mean only "be safe too" or all the things I wrote him/all the words back to me. I'm just confused and like always, I'm overthinking. Thanks for everyone already 😊
Help me. What does he mean?
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