Getting the ex back - How long should I wait?

The ex cheated 5 months ago. We've been married 3 years / together for 10. (kids) I did all the prideful stuff. Filed for divorce, told her to FO, etc.. We've been intimate since on several occasions. She has now expressed a desire to possibly get back together, but... she is seeing someone semi seriously. (I am also dating) In her words "Lets take it day by day". I still love her. At this point she gives him priority over me. I get that nothing happens over night, and it kills me to think she is sharing time with another. But if my marriage can be saved its worth it (at least to me at this point). How long should I pursue this? And how strongly? What would you do in this situation? (Given you had the same feelings) Thanks for the feedback! :)
Getting the ex back - How long should I wait?
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