Guys would this bug you? Advice PLEASE?

Hey there! Long story short I'm going on 40 days no contact. I've heard nothing from my ex. He hasn't made it obvious. But I'm pretty sure he's talking to someone new. I want him to know I know and that I am done now. He said he knows he couldn't make me happy because I wanted things he couldn't give like affection and time. He had said he has 0 desire to date anyone else but I just know he's talking to someone. we never had a "goodbye" as he refused so we just one day stopped talking. That was 40'days ago. I'd like to send him a short and sweet text saying "goodbye" and that I am 100% done now that I see he's talking to someone. But I do not want to give off the vibe that I'm still pining for him. If I'm the one to reach out first, even if its to say goodbye, will he think I still want him? Will it bother him because he thinks "why is she even texting me" or will it have some kind of impact? I still love him but we weren't a good fit. I'd try again if he was different but I know he won't change. So should I send the text?
Guys would this bug you? Advice PLEASE?
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