Should I feel proud of myself? is it normal to feel like this? and what should I have done?

So me and my current girlfriend walk into my ex girlfriend at kmart she works their now. I notice my ex was pointing at me and talking about me tpo 1 of her co worker. I just walk right passed her and did what i come here too replace my shoes i brought yday that were 2 right feet shoes. My current girlfriend kept asking if we could mess with my ex girlfriend.. You known get alil pay back for what she did to me. This did make me feel uncomfortable and i said just becuase she my ex girlfriend doesn't mean i should try messing up her day. As we were leaving from the conner of my eye my ex was standing their looking at me with a stupid look on her face. Should i have tried talking to her? And did i make the right try by not getting alil pay back on my ex girlfriend. I did try talking to my ex girlfriend becuase i felt if she wants to talk to me then she will. Also what she did too me was fucked up but at least she didn't cheated on me like my 2nd girlfriend did.


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  • Sounds like you handled the situation and yourself pretty well. I'd be feeling pretty proud of myself if I were you, especially cause it sounds like your ex did some bad shit to you.

    • Yea bad shit convince every one that i was streaking her and wouldn't leave her alone and more. She told everyone a big lie mix with her truth but didn't tell them what really happened. She wouldn't be there for me when my sistet almost died from cancer and i was going through a mental break down. I have always been there for my ex girlfriend no matter what but she didn't do the same.

    • Yeah, that's awful. Glad to hear you've distanced yourself from her.

    • Thank you also i feel if she wants too talk to me or say sorry then she will

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  • You probably shouldn't have tried talking to her; she's out of your life now. It sounds like what she did to you was bad, so after that I think it would've been best not to talk to her. Best focus on your current girlfriend

    • Yea i am focus on ym current girlfriend but i was close friends with my ex girlfriend before we dated bff infact. My ex girlfriend covice everyone i was crazy, that i was harassing her and wouldn't leave her alone. She told a big lie and only what i did too her party much mad eme out too he the bad guy instend of telling the 100% trueth. Her parentw focus her too stop dating me and she blamed it all on me and the biggest slap was when she would be their for me as a friend when my sister wlmoat died from cancer.

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  • Revenge is a fruitless effort. Momentary pleasure followed by incredible guilt. I have no idea how sinister your current girlfriend is or if that is just the nature of women in general. Wether you should have talked to her or not I would only know if I knew what she did to you.

    • Her parent's forced her to stop dating me and talking to me. She did what her parents asked but kept talking to me as a friend we had a fight 1 day and i got blocked. Her mom would focus her too block me every single day so we argeed that everyday i would keep making kik accounts to text her. I thought her mom forced her too block me agin so made a nee account to text her. She then conviced everyone that i wouldn't leave her alone and was harassing her. Through out our break up i was always their for her.. when my sister almost died and i almost lost her too cancer my ex turned on me.

    • it's probably best that you not speak with her but revenge will consume you. Also pleeeeease respond to my latest post

    • I think if she wants too talk too me she will but she gave me the same look she always does when she wanted to talkin higj school. N sure

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