I've just come to the realization that my crush doesn't like me, and I can do nothing to change that. Do you have some sad songs for me to listen to?


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  • Aw I know you may be really upset at the moment but you know eventually your bound to find that one crush that's meant for you. I mean every one gets those crushes that ware off after a while or don't work out, but one day you'll find the one. This may sound super common and stupid but it's true. 😅😌😊 haha

    • I've loved her for the past year, and every single day there had been no doubts in my mind: "She is the one."
      She's not just a one-off crush, she's the most perfect human being, I have ever laid my eyes upon

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    • In the past, she's looked kinda interested, but in the past week, she's seemed distant.
      She also hasn't even once, texted me first

    • Wait you have her number? Oh and by the way if I ever had a guys number I wouldn't text first, no joke but I'd be to scared to bother him or messed things up Lol it's true but I don't do it purposely

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  • One Man Can Change the World by Big Sean. It's not about relationships, but I tear up every time I listen to it. And I don't cry.


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  • Usher "Missin u"
    Kai "Never Be Like you"
    Selena Gomez "The Heart wants"
    Jon bellion "all time low"
    Gnash "i hate u, i love u"
    Andra day "rise up"
    Coldplay "fix you"
    Papa roach "scars"
    Dj snake "let me love you"

  • james blunt "its beautiful"

  • Anything by tom odell. Trust me. Adele works too.


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