How weird is sharing the same flat with your ex after divorce?

we've ended a 10-year-marriage a few months ago and we still live in the same house. Our affection towards each other ended mutually but since we had been friends for more than 15 years, knew each other well and shared tons of good memories. Neither of us wants to leave the house. It got even more weird when my ex-wife got a boyfriend who stays in our house a few days a week. He isn't thrilled about the situation we're in. I have started thinking of moving out. What should I do?
P. S: We tried open marriage with my ex and it didn't work out...


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  • It is really weird but I live with my daughters dad ( till he gets on his feet) and have no attraction what's so ever. Once I start dating again he will have to be out but it is really weird as an outsider looking in but hey at least you know you're not the only one doing it haha

    • Thank you, really. I feel much better knowing that I am not the only one. People around us still think we have attraction towards each other and think of that as the reason for not separating houses. We honestly don't...

    • Yeah I feel like sometimes my family thinks we do too or that we will eventually get back together but we won't. It's tough and it is honestly kind of awkward but the way I see it is I love him. And what I mean by that is he is family. I'm not IN love with him. But the way I would take in a sibling, I took him in. Because that's exactly how I see him, like a brother. I know that's weird considering we have a child but we are WAY better off as friends.

    • Spot on 👏

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  • I feel like that's pretty weird

    • The thing is, it seems pretty weird for everyone except us and I can never bring a girlfriend home because the situation we're in seems to be more awkward for women than men.

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    • Yes, but it will eventually cause a problem with the third parties... My ex has frequent fights with her boyfriend (I am thinking I am the reason)

    • If you can both afford it, I would suggest looking for another place.

  • Super weird... not sure how the interction must be


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