Should I reach out to my ex?

My ex and split a little more than a month ago. He dumped me out of no where after a fight. Weve barely spoken since. However, yesterday a mutual friend tells me he's really upset over our break-up. He realizes he made a mistake, but he can't contact me because he thinks I've moved on and that maybe i hate him. I dont want to try to contact. Because when i tried in the past he ignored me. I haven't tried in 3 weeks.
should i extend the olive branch so to speak, since it seems he can't for whatever reason... or let it be?
Before this fight, we had a great relationship. He freaked out and went extreme. i knew hed regret it eventually.


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  • You didn't really provide any details of what happened so it's impossible to really give good advice here, but I say that given your age, it's probably safe to say that you aren't super stupid and reckless in your decision making anymore. If you want to try to patch things up with him, then you absolutely should do it. You're not 18 so you know what you're doing -- I think you should follow your heart and your instincts here and go ahead and reach out to him.


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