Why do ex girlfriends become sluts?

- Girl wants to break up because I didn't want to commit and she is 27 and looking for a serious relationship.

- She says she wants to stay in touch as friends but only through whatsapp, she can't see me. I do this for her, it helped her get over me.

- I start missing her after 2 weeks, asking to see her. telling her how much I love and miss her.
every time she declines.

I really miss her and want to continue with her, I made a mistake by letting her go and want to get back into a relationship with her
But I hear from friends she starts partying, drinking, dating, going out a lot, losing weight, sleeping around?

she gets more cold and distant, doesn't reciprocate my feelings of love any more.

at first I couldn't see her because her feelings for me were too strong she said
now I can't see her, and she doesn't want to tell me why
she says we won't get back together and her feelings for me are gone.

this has been going on for 4 months now.

it hurts because she broke up because I didn't want to commit
now she goes slutting it up to everybody else except me

why do women do this?
I have been very honest during our entire relationship and I feel betrayed.
Why doesn't she want to have sex with me


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sometimes when you don't want to commit to a woman she'll take it as if something is wrong with her. Not all women are like this, but some are. And so then they seek validation from other people in the form of attention or sex or whatever. That's a POSSIBILITY, though I'm not saying that's the case here.

    She's over you. That's it. Why would you think she'd want to have sex with you again? And why do you act like just because she goes out and "sluts it up" that she owes you anything or should give it up to you too?

    • I feel hurt because I miss her and I would love to have sex with her.
      instead she doesn't want to see me and goes clubbing every week, and is dating actively.
      I am very jealous.

    • also I would love to commit to her, honestly.
      and now she is happy single.
      it hurts.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Cut your losses. You are playing along her game and if you haven't noticed, you're losing.

    • Is there a way I can sleep with her?
      She says she is not attracted to me and wants me to move on to another woman.
      I am going insane. I wake up every night and then I can't sleep. I panic when I think she is with another guy. Then I go check her facebook and cry.

    • Tell her you want to fuck her brains out. Simple enough.

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What Girls Said 4

  • You probably offended her in some strange made up way you know nothing about and she's trying to make you jealous. Maybe she thinks if you get jealous enough, you'd be willing to do what she wants? Either way, run and run far far away because that's just toxic.

  • You didn't want to commit to her , so she's moved on.

    It's only heresay you're listening to about her sleeping around. You don't know for a certainty that's true

    You can't " cry" for what you've lost if you didn't want what she had to offer

  • Because you hurt her. So she followed the saying 'to get over someone you get under someone else'.
    And now she just doesn't want to give you the chance to hurt her again so she's using menough instead

  • She broke up with you because she didn't want just sex from you. What you want from her - apparently just sex - is now irrelevant.


What Guys Said 1

  • She became a 'slut' in your eyes only.


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