Why do ex girlfriends become sluts?


- Girl wants to break up because I didn't want to commit and she is 27 and looking for a serious relationship.

- She says she wants to stay in touch as friends but only through whatsapp, she can't see me. I do this for her, it helped her get over me.

- I start missing her after 2 weeks, asking to see her. telling her how much I love and miss her.
every time she declines.

I really miss her and want to continue with her, I made a mistake by letting her go and want to get back into a relationship with her
But I hear from friends she starts partying, drinking, dating, going out a lot, losing weight, sleeping around?

she gets more cold and distant, doesn't reciprocate my feelings of love any more.

at first I couldn't see her because her feelings for me were too strong she said
now I can't see her, and she doesn't want to tell me why
she says we won't get back together and her feelings for me are gone.

this has been going on for 4 months now.

it hurts because she broke up because I didn't want to commit
now she goes slutting it up to everybody else except me

why do women do this?
I have been very honest during our entire relationship and I feel betrayed.
Why doesn't she want to have sex with me
Why do ex girlfriends become sluts?
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