Ex, always changing his mind. Will it ever work again?

So, my ex boyfriend was someone whom I saw myself growing with and being together for a long time. I still feel it in my gut as going to happen, but currently we are not together and in a weird situation. After the bu we never really went long without talking to one another. It was a week before he contacted me asking if i was ok and such. Well that was April. Flash forward through the summer and now. We continued to have sex and talk. All the times I stay over and its not just a do it and leave thing. A few months ago we talked and he said we should stop because we were not being fair to one another. We should stay friends without anything else bc of our feelings etc. That never really lasted and we wound up back in the same situation everytime. This happens (d) i want to say monthly- longer when he says this. I always say ok or whatever. This past time he said it on the 12th of this month. He then contacted me the other night asking if i wanted to get together where he was. It was a far ride but, i went. It was basically all night full of sex. We tried new things that he has never tried before and we were going to when we were together. HIm being very passionate and calling me babe a lot. Something that he has not done since our relationship. Cuddled in bed, we would roll over and kiss each other or look each other in the face etc. It just seemed good. He also said like we should go to this place together. Next morning we both brought clothes similar not planned so he changed to match me. When I left i never texted him that i got home ok. He texted making sure i did. So i responded but no answer yet. I know what many of you are going to say, but I don't know why it seems like something is still there. We also know that both of us are not having sex with anyone else just each other. I am thinking about inviting him out to a sport event and see if he comes to try and start something good again and go from there. Is there still feelings there?


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  • Nope none at all. You're nothing but free pussy with no commitment and as long as you keep being stupid and fucking him that's all you'll ever be


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