Hypothetical: Trying something new?

Your partner wants to be adventurous and try something out. You tell them that you aren't interested but they are pretty adamant about wanting to do it.

Let's say you choose Option B and stick to your guns. If your partner cheated on you because they needed to do this "something" would you be p*ssed at them? Would you be p*ssed at yourself because they told you what they wanted and you don't give it to them?

  • Do it anyway. It's better if they do it with you then cheat for it.
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  • Stick to your guns. Hope they don't stray because of it.
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  • It depends on what the
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  • If you don't want to do something, then you shouldn't be pressured to do it. You should only do something that you feel comfortable doing. The girl would need to respect your boundaries, and the fact that she cheated would just prove that she cared more about this "something" than the relationship. I would be p*ssed because they still cheated, whether they did it to get this "something" that I wouldn't be comfortable with or not.


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  • If they cheat on me because of that, then f*** them. It really depends on what it is, though. If it's something you're incredibly uncomfortable with (for good reason), then don't give in. However, if it's something that's just a little outside your comfort zone, it might be worth trying.

  • cheating is wrong, no matter what the reason. if he needs something that badly that she refuses o do, then break up!

    • Actually it was the opposite (She wanted something and cheated when I said I wasn't comfortable with it). I tried to put the options as gender neutral so both men and women could vote/answer.

    • Well I'm sorry about that :( but its still wrong no matter what she says

  • Cheating is still cheating. Doesn't matter what the cause is.


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