Should I ask my ex what the "cap" should be on our Christmas gifts?

My boyfriend and i broke up last week but have agreed to stay friends. I always have gotten him big gifts for Christmas and he has for me too. now that we are just friends and kind of in this weird state like trying to figure out if we are going to maybe get back together or stay friends or maybe even just drift apart, i want to still get him something nice but maybe not overdo it. i know that for his other friends he usually has a $20 cap and just gets them like a t shirt or something. I don't know if he will get me something like this or maybe a bit more just because of our past and the fact that we like each other. would it be a big deal to simply ask him a cap for his gift? I just wanna ask him like "hey what i have planned to get you so far is about $50... is this cool or do you think its more than i should be spending?"

how would he take this question? my main thing is i don't wanna overkill and he only gets me like a t shirt. i also don't wanna not do enough and he gets me something relatively nice.


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  • he's your ex; why are you getting him anything, even if he is your friend?
    if you must, just drop a card in his mailbox/under his door/whatever.

  • u dont have to tell anything in the end it is a gift


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