Was my EX boyfriend playing me all along? Depressed and sick about this?

So I went out for my ex for 6 years. He had this friend for about 2 of the last years I was with him, that caused a lot of trouble because he refused to let me meet her saying I am jealous and would act crazy, always some excuse. He would tell me inappropriate things, such as she would touch him, dressed provocatively etc... the fact he ended up not doing anything about it and demanded to keep seeing her, ended the relationship between him and I.

I hadn't had anything to do with him for about 3 months, then we met a few times, it seemed we were trying to work through things, I ended up staying over at his place. Something just didn't feel right, I ended up going on his facebook and found out he said to his friend, "she stayed here for about 2 nights, we cuddled and touched and everything, we stayed in the same bed and slept beside eachother, I kept getting boners all night, I touched her ass, but she ended up saying go back to sleep Alex"

the conversation kept going on with his friend saying to treat her better " I already treat her like a princess" but am going to treat her even better now "don't think she is a slut"

I read conversation between him and her that were very suggestive "you know how good I am with my hands " he says" she laughs and goes " I know you are" she invites him over all the times and he jumps at the chance.

After reading what I did, I left and decided I don't want anything more to do with him, I confronted him and he denied everything and said it was a joke and he is not attracted to her at all, was I right all along?

He keeps calling me and trying to talk, and will not leave me alone. I can't block numbers, but he makes my skins crawl at this point, I could never trust him after this, even if he did stop having anything to do with her, he doesn't see anything he did wrong. What a waste of 6 years, so depressed
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I was nothing but loyal, supportive throughout 4 years of his college, this semester has been a mess because of all this to the point where I may have to repeat. I have been as patient as possible, but any little thing I did wrong he throws in my face, he started working 6 months ago and since then he has turned into more of a horrible person, he says it is all my fault because I am still in college, while he is independent etc... I feel emotionally tortured.
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There was a job position that opened where he worked, he didn't tell me about it and says he wouldn't allow me to work there, because they need hard workers, I can't believe what a nasty person he is. It is like he wanted to make my life hell.
Was my EX boyfriend playing me all along? Depressed and sick about this?
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