Seeing ex every week?

Just curious as to how those of you who have to see your ex every week deal with it.
Here's some BG: Dated for 5 months, official for 2 of those 5 months. She was the first to bring up marriage and being more intimate. I was completely fine with it. She ended things and didn't really say why... lack of common interests I guess. Anyhow, we broke up mid-October (17th I think).
The problem is, we attend the same church. I've seen here every week for the last month. We also hang out with the same group of friends. Lately, we've just been ignoring each other. I talk to some of our friends, while she talks to the others. No hostility or anything.
I'm also glad to say that even though I'm not completely over her, I know for a fact that I don't want to be with her (let's just say that if I started dating someone else, I wouldn't even be posting here).

So, how do you deal with an ex who you have to see every week and are still trying to get over?
Would it be better to just start talking again (as friends)? I wouldn't initiate the first conversation. Or, keep ignoring her?


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  • Don't pester yourself with it. If you know you are getting over her, ignore her. You may have to see her but it doesn't mean you need to talk to her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Ignore it brother


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