What is his problem? He got his stuff back?

So me and this guy broke up two weeks ago and I still had a college football jersey of his. At a party this weekend he approached one of my friends (that he has never met or spoken to) at a party and demanded her to tell me to return it to him. Due to him living 30 minutes away from me I left it at his brother's house in a bag along with a sign I was going to give him before all of this happened, I even texted and told him it was there. So the next day I get a text from him asking me "wtf is your problem, why would you leave my shit outside?" His brother also texted me asking me to "leave him out of it"... I don't understand what I did wrong when I did exactly what he asked me to do?


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  • I guess the brother doesn't want to be part of all this drama. He wants to be fat away, as for the bag I'm sure he wanted it handed to him, not left outside.


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