How do you get your ex to talk to you?

My ex is ignoring after breakup 6 weeks ago. He dumped me over his commitment issues. But he won't tell me what went wrong. He just dumped me over text out of blue. We dated for 2 years. i would like to try to talk to him... i haven't heard from him for a month i haven't tried reaching out since nov 13th. im heart broken. i still love him. I heard that he still has feelings for me but he won't reach out... what to do?


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  • Well, with my ex, i actually had to write him a letter... snail mail, because he literally would not respond to anything else. Even after like 6 months.

    • I dont think that'll help... I don't know. i sent his son a bday card last week and i dont think it got to him. Meaning i think dad tossed it.
      Maybe ill wait sometime... like his bday next month?

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    • wait, sorry. we are back together now, i dumped him originally, then regretted it nd i worked months to try to talk to him again, it took a really long time, we got back together in August.

    • Oh ok. Im glad that worked out for you.
      In my case he dumped me, i dont think he regrets it but who knows. I know he still has feelings for me though. A mutual friend says he teared up over a picture of me a few days ago. he's very stubborn he won't come back on his own i dont think. But seeing stories like yours gives me hope... thank you

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