Is it normal to be blocked by someone that loves you?

My ex and I have been together for a year and 8 months. On our anniversary he deleted our date on his bio on Instagram and blocked me on Insta & Facebook, but continued to blow up my phone daily I felt like I was single since he did that. I was confused. He continued to be petty, kept blocking & unblocking me back and forth. I found out that he cheated on me with this female, they were talking since April or whatever but lately they've been flirting. She wants him to ask her out by Christmas & she's saving herself for him but he's not a virgin. He threatened me if I messed up with his happiness, he would... The crazy thing is that he hacked into my snapchat yesterday deleted some vids with other guys & friend & selfies & our old pics together but kept 2 which is stupid. Like this person got cheated on before, I don't get why he would do it to me? Like I supported him when he was broke financially & his family, supported him in his singing & school. Whenever he was down we would talk until 2-5 am. I was loyal and a ride or die chick, paid of his hair cuts & Uber. IS that not good enough? what did i do wrong?

did he lose a real one?
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Is it normal to be blocked by someone that loves you?
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