I want to make it right but is it too late?

I've was with my ex for 8 yrs, we broke up two months ago. We met at 11 & started dating at 16 we are now 24. We had a great relationship until about a year ago... when I started partying a lot and now coming home very much. I wasn't getting what I needed and instead of talking about it I acted out. I broke up w him last year at this time and we have been on and off about 3 times since, and its never been the same. I have hurt him more than I can explain and about 3 months ago he broke up with me, because he just can't take being hurt anymore by the fact that he thinks id rather party then be with him. The thing is that was also the time I decided I was done partying like that, and realized how much he really means abd I don't want to be without him. I want to make him happy, but I think too much damage may have been done. After living together for about 6 years I moved out and we took some time, and have recently started hanging out again. I want so badly to make him happy, and make up for the last year being so sh*tty! He still loves me as much as I do him, but he's scared and doesn't trust me, he doesn't want to get hurt anymore. I'm taking it slow but is it too late? Is it ever too late for love? What can I do to rebuild the trust and our relationship? Can the damage ever really be "undone?" Do I let him go because he deserves it or do I keep putting effort in because he deserves to be happy with me too? I know we can grow and be stronger from this...

Also how do I go about making it right without "forcing" it?


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  • hey...surely you guys are a lovely couple and you both care about each other alot. So I think you should make ur efforts to convince him that now you have understood that you have done many things wrong in past months. Just accept everything you have done wrong and confront him with ur apology. Yeah, that trust would take sometime to again build up but you need to be patient and behave like a friend to him instead of a possesive girl friend because if you guys can manage to have some light moments then you guys will probably be enjoying each other soon. Don't tell him to spend time with him but ask him for that if he has time for u. And when you are on a date then don't discuss everything straight away, first of all just make him more comfortable with u. And you would know by yourself when you need to discuss and share everything. I think you can still make it but don't do anything stupid.

    if you need to talk to me anytime or wanna discuss about it you can also add me at yahoo or msn...here is my id's

    yahoo: glk1_midnight@yahoo.co.in

    msn : glk1_midnight@live.in

    take care and good luck

  • if you know that you can grow and be strong then where is the problem? you just need to give me more and more time which you couldn't gave him before,when you did parties and all. it is never too late for love! now you realize how important he is to your life,u now realize it because now you think you don't have him anymore ! so that realization is very important! all you have to do is (if you love him and want him back) give him enough time ! I mean now its little bit harder but try to be with him..slowly and slowly.. he will melt if you give him time.. and start the conversations..not about past but the present and future..! I am for sure if you take the first step toward him..he will be with you for sure !


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