Help -- I want to send my ex a text message? Poll included -- Not sure if I should or not?

Okay so my ex who was my first boyfriend and sex partner dumped me twice.
He treated me horrible and even gave me an STI.
It's been 2 months since he dumped me and I'm still angry but I realize I deserve way better and I will get someone way better. I'm actually moving to a different state next month. I'm so ready and excited. However, I was talking to a friend last night and his name came up. My friend was still friends with him on fb and found out he deactivated his FB and even his instagram. It shocked us both because he is always on social media and never deactivated it before. I've only known him for 2-3 months but I believe I knew him way more than the people around him. I have a bad feeling and I want to send him some encouraging words. I still love him as a person but definitely no relationship. I really feel something is wrong. Like he's really depressed or suicidal. Should I text him some encouraging words/hope he has a good 2017? People always say I care too much and to leave him alone. He blatantly told me to my face when he broke up with me he did not want me. I also don't want to intrude if he has a new girlfriend or something. I could be wrong on everything but I don't know this isn't normal from him.

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What Guys Said 2

  • what the hell is wrong with people. if you have to ask yourself or anyone that question the answer is a resounding no. have some dignity and self respect for christ sake. and women wonder why they get treated like crap... if you continue on with this attitude the next boyfriend isn't going to be much better than the last... and the next and the next... love yourself. care about yourself. don't worry about guys who clearly don't care about you. you wanna make yourself feel good by being nice. msg'ing an ex like that isn't being nice. it's being stalkerish, creepy, needy (you need to message him to make yourself feel good and to know he's better) this is selfish. he doesn't need anything from you and he made it clear he doesn't want anything from you. put on your big girl pants and move on with your life and work out your own issues so you could grow up to have a worthwhile non abusive non dependent relationship

    • Yeah. Actually I do care for him but I know I shouldn't. I know this is over but I was hoping to show him that I care. I don't want to be stalkerish so I'm glad I always stop myself. But I'm learning to love myself and keep this all in the past.

  • Wait wait...
    He treated you horrible and gave you a STD. Why do I have to read more? Move on, you deserve better for sure.

    • I know. I do deserve better it's just that no matter how someone treats me I forgive them.
      I know he was suffering and I tried to help him during our relationship but he was rude to me.
      It's nuts but I have such a big heart.
      Yeah, I went back to him a second time and I got an STD that increases cancer. I never told him he gave it to me either.

What Girls Said 1

  • ıf ı were u ı wouldn't

    • I know. A lot of people are saying dont.
      Can I know why it's a bad idea though?
      I've had so many urges to reach out but I stopped myself luckily.

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    • Yeah I know. I'm just really curious what other girl had the power to make him delete his fb and social media. Kinda makes me jealous because I didn't have that impact on him. Oh well though. I will keep it moving though.

    • yeah ı dont understand these kind of things really some girls can acchieve it

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