When an ex calls after a bad break up and she emails you to say needed to talk, wanted to talk?

my ex and I broke up it was messy we are now starting to talk via email phone etc she is dating someone else right after me

i believe she still has feelings for me how do I get her back


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  • obviously the grass wasn't greener on the other side, or she wouldn't be calling you. If everything was wonderful in her life with the new boyfriend she woudlnt be contactig you. I know its hard but the other answer is the best one. There is nothing you can do but take a chance and be her friend if you really want her back. If it becomes to hard for you to do this( and sometimes it is) then you must cut all ties with her. Now if she's calling you and just talking about her day or things in general, asking how YOU are then Id say she still loves you. BUT if her talks are nothing about the problems she is having with the new boyfriend then she is just looking for a shoulder to lean on IM afraid. So pay attention to the convo next time you talk to her. keep me updated, OK?

    • That was thursday friday today she is cold

    • I think I hit a nerve in an email now she dosen't want to talk do you have an email adress I can chat with you

    • I'll try and help you- the email address is soccermom1955@hotmail.com

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  • Don't let the old feelings die. Be her friend, be there for her.

    • What about the new boyfriend

    • Let that run it's course. As she starts to like you again, she'll won't want him anymore

    • Why would she even phone if she is dateing someone else I really need some good advice this is driveing me insane

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  • take it from a man... don't listen to her boyfriend problems. She know when enough is enough...tell her you can talk about something else. You are her friend. I use to listen to an ex girlfriend problem then I stopped. She is a ten all day... I thought I was just being there for her. If you want to keep that door open for a future relationship ... Never allow her to voice her problems from another relationship to you. She will respect you more...trust me...! Now I can get sex with that ten anytime I come to town...even if she has a boyfriend...! she actually told me I had a backbone now and not mr nice guy all the time. She respect that...


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