Ex boyfriend's cook out?

I had a party for my birthday Friday. My friend invited my ex, who is in the military. She sent him a text saying I am having a party he should stop in since he is in town . He said he couldn’t go. Well anyway he called me on my birthday. Yesterday he called me, and invited me to a cookout he is having in a week. I don’t know how I feel about going. I know if my friend goes I am going to feel like I have to go. I also would not want to go alone. I could want a guy to come with me. At the same time I could feel like a bytch if I brought a guy. We been broken up for just over a year. He broke my heart. Also After is visit home, he is going Guam or whatever for six years. A part of me does not want to go, another part of me feel like a bytch if I don’t go.


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  • he's an ex for a reason, so keep it that way...seeing each other doesn't help with moving on


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