Do you think we'll get back together?

My boyfriend and I broke up on Saturday. He said he hasn't been happy and he doesn't know what's wrong, and he's tired of trying. But he said he's not ruling out the possibility of us getting back together. He said he talked to his sister, who is now engaged. Apparently, she said that she and her fiance broke up a while ago and ended up getting back together, and now they're going to get married in August. They ended it before they 'hated each other'.

My ex and I haven't talked since we broke up, though we agreed that we would. We were together almost a year before we broke up. But I don't see how we can get back together if we don't talk, you know? I just don't want to bother him.

Do you think there's ever a chance that we'll get back together? Maybe soon? He said he loved me, he just couldn't be with me, but we might have another shot in the future.


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  • Sounds like he just wants space.

    Don't contact him unless he contacts you. Six weeks is usually the approx time to give him.

    When it comes to what if, it really depends on how much he valued the relationship. You should take this time to yourself as well to reflect on your relationship to see if it is worth saving ( I know, I know. We all think it's worth a second shot) what I really mean by this is does all the good in the relationship weight out the bad?

    The best way to get throught this time is just to assume that it is over and accept that you can not change this. Calling him and talking to him can actually make things worse, so when in doubt, do nothing. When you learn to accept the break up and work with it rather than against it, it can get easier to understand when you aren't trying to search for an answers. When you do nothing, your not doing anything to make the situation better or worse, your kinda just putting it on hold but mentally you really should try to get past this and leave him alone...

    If you really do love him, which I'm sure you do. Then losing you will hurt him more than anything you could ever do or say, he just needs to figure it out on his own. Who knows maybe when he figures out what he wants and changes, you may not want him anymore. Hanging on to him will only cause you more pain. I know it hurts and it probably will for a long time but try to do what is best for YOU.


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  • I believe that your boyfriend would not like to be with you. I do not say this to be rude or hurtful I'm just thinking like a male. Relationships are not what they used to be, when guys say they love you most of time they say it without thinking what love is. Love is pure and everlasting, without bounds or limits. To love someone is to make sacrfices for them, to always want to be with them, to put them first in your life above all other things. To be infintely patient and understanding, and wanting no other.

    I believe if he really loved you, and cared about your feelings, he would have at least called, emailed, or texted you. However I do believe anything is possible, and that you guys could end up being back together. However I do not recommend it, I think that you can do better and would be happier finding another man. One who really cares about you, puts you first and always keeps your feelings in mind.


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  • My boyfriend did this to me over a month ago. He didn't say he wasn't happy, but just said he needed to be alone. This seems to be the excuse with a lot of men. I think they become overwhelmed, in their own minds about life. Perhaps your boyfriend has issues he needs to work out. Give him space. Believe me, if he loves you , he will miss you if you don't contact him. IWait about a month if you donw hear anything from him. Act happy and that life is going great for you. Don't act depressed or sad, nor tell him how much you m iss him. Tell him how busy you have been.


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