What would you do if you were me in this case?

I decided to end things with my sort of LDR boyfriend as I found out he has been doing many unfaithful things (but I never said anything before, he didnot know that I know)

But before I can have a proper talk with him about this, suddenly he won't answer back my texts anymore.
I dont know if he will just disappear like this forever or not.

So should I also leave it like this, being quietly and never talk to him anymore?
Or should I still send him text to tell him I already knew what he did? At least maybe make him feel bad.

I feel that its very unfair if I dont even have a chance to tell him. But also I am worried if he still won't answer I would feel stupid and hurt even more...


Most Helpful Guy

  • He'll never feel bad. I'd just let it go at this point as the guy absolutely doesn't deserve all the thought and energy that you're putting into him. I'm sorry that this happened to you.


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  • Nah, just leave it all. Making him feel bad... nah, let it go. He isn't worth any more attention as it is.


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly it is not worth your time. Serial cheaters/players don't care about anything, but themselves.


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