I pissed my boyfriend off and he said he needed a break?

My boyfriend of four months started his MBA, and we went from seeing each other every day to 2-3 times a week. I gave him his space because I could see how hard he was working, and he would tell me how stressed he was, and that he was sorry he had a lot going on. I understood this and never complained, heck I HAVE my master's so I get how busy he is. He has a full time job AND is going to school full time for his MBA.

We went to a hockey game three days before the blow-out. He was stressed and told me flat out that he was pissed (a professor was taking too long to grade something), so I knew he was in a bad mood. We held hands during the hour drive and went to a museum before the game. he bought dinner, we watched the game, things were fine. On the way back I tried to play I-spy and other kiddy things I usually do, but he didn't respond. I know now that I made him feel that his feelings were irrelevant and that I shouldn't have tried to lighten the mood the way I did. the next morning I felt like there was tension, so I left abruptly; woke him up to walk me to my car. When I texted him I got back home he gave me short answers, so I left him alone. Two days later I asked about plans we've had for a while and he said "I'll pass, I really need a break from you for a while". When I asked him what I had done, he said he knew I didn't mean it, but I play too many games and I make everything about me. I told him that I really cared about him, that I was sorry, it wasn't my intention to come off that way, and that I didn't want us to end because of something I was unaware of. I apologized and told him I would give him all the space he needs, but I didn't want things to be over. He has not responded, and I haven't said anything else. It has now been two weeks.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


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  • Honestly, it sounds like he is taking this too far. Either there is something else going on with him OR he is just way too sensitive. While your response may not have been ideal, it also wasn't bad and on top of that you didn't argue with him about it, you apologized to him. It doesn't sound to me like it was "all about you". If i were you i'd give him a call and set up a date to talk about things or i'd just go on about my life and let him be. If it were me, id probably just go on about my life and if he contacts me then id consider what he has to say. But really, this doesn't seem much like it's you, it seems more like it's him.

    • Thanks, my friends have been telling me the same thing. I felt like it was my fault for a while there. I still want to fix the problem, but I am afraid if I reach out to him he won't respond.

    • So really, keep in mind this is as much him fixing things as it is you. You can give him an opportunity but if he chooses not to act on it then he is making a choice. Its been a couple weeks. Send him a text, let him know you are ready to talk about things and suggest a time and place to meet while also leaving a little flexibility for him to repsond and change things up a bit to suit his needs. If he doesn't respond then really its time to move on and do your thing.

    • Thanks, I'll do that. It's better than being in limbo and not knowing if we are broken up or still together I guess. Your advice is much appreciated.

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  • You probly can't. NEXT!
    You cannot negotiate attraction or desire. It's either there or it isn't. How much are you willing to degrade yourself? You could always ask him if a blowjob would help. At least you would know where you stand.
    At this point you have nothing to lose, however going forward like you usually do probly won't have the desired effect.


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  • the only way is to give him what he wants - leave him alone for a while


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