Heartbroken... what should I do next?

My ex of 3 years and I broke up a while back, but we still were still best friends and talking because he and I planned to be together (have a family etc). He told me that he was fixing himself and I find out he was having a sexual relationship with this other female who has 3 kids. I told him we would have to go our separate ways. He then ended things with her (the kids started crying when he left & he told me he wanted to be with me and slowly start over), but she came back telling him that she is pregnant (she took the test and everything). He proceeded to cut me off and out of his life and a few days ago announced that he was having a kid and is now in a relationship with her... it seems to me that he is pretty happy and he doesn't really give af about me... I'm pretty devastated and I'm trying everything not to be sad but I don't know what to do next...

Lost and confused.


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  • You guys broke up but were talking about starting a family, WHY?

    • We were both focused on school our relationship just became stressful... so instead of fighting we decided to stay friends. He told me and his family in front of me that I was the one he wanted to marry.

    • Then you should be happy he chose for that other woman because if a guy says that to you and still goes out and has sex with a woman, who also had kids who he befriends, you know you should end it. I know it's gonna be painful but its the right to do.

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  • Forget him.!! Or else you will suffer...


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