Boy broke up with me and continues to try and talk to me! HELP!! I don't know what he wants?

Okay so, This guy and I were together for about 4 ish months, we weren't officially dating but we had talked about it multiple times and had said that we were together/only seeing each other. He recently broke up with me and continues to text me. The texts usually aren't that nice. Today he messaged me saying that his friends and I matched on tinder and he got very mad about it yet i never really met all of his friends, only about two or three. He continues to snap me ( from what i think are mass snapchats) yet i never answer. He then said he only messaged me so he could say he was moving on. I'm trying to do the no contact rule but it's really hard and i always feel the need to respond if he texts me. I really liked him and hoped he was trying to get back together with me but i don't know what games he is playing with me right now and I'm hoping y'all have some answers for me!

Does he still like me or does he just want to feel that power over me missing him? And do you think I should respond or do the no contact rule for 30 days and see if he wants me back?

Ps. We are both in college, I'm a freshman and he's a sophomore.


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  • You deserve a guy who is able to communicate his feelings and who is consistent in them without explaining himself.


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