If you and your ex have been through the serious relationship and the FWB, what is left?

So my ex and I dated for 3 + years. He ended it and months later we tried the FWB thing, it didn't work.

He keeps calling to want to hang out, yet he knows I still love him and would take him, if he would have me...

Have I ruined my chances of getting back together with him? Does a guy lose respect for her after the FWB?

What is left? Why does he keep calling to hang out?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Question: What is left? Why does he keep calling to hang out?

    Answer: Booty to chase. (Booty call commercial: It's like a shoulder to lean on; only ten times better!)

    Why did the relationship fail? Why did the FWB fail?... That's the reason he's not dating you; but the reason he is still calling is to keep his opportunity of "having you there" in the future.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


What Girls Said 1

  • Have you talked to him bout it and told him how you still feel, does he know.?...

    Don't get me wrong when talking to a guy you kinda gotta think like a guy for a minute..ofcourse we all know some guys, actually most guys don't like hearing sob stories or anything like tht because it ruins the mood or just makes them uninterested and bla bla bla..

    But you want the guy to take you seriously..cleerly he knows you well enough since you guys have dated for 3 years! so he's probably thinking he's got you wrapped around his finger or he can have you whenever he wants..

    Are you guys only doing the FWB thing or does he have 3 other FWB?

    If there's more its a booty call and he just wants to be able to have a brea, keep you around and ofcourse try with other girls...(not worth it)

    Tell him how you feel but no sob story or ramble on make him feel what your feeling but make it short and simple..just be yourself and be secure and confident bout it..

    He might still have feelings but just want a break or FWB so there's no commitment because some guys are just like that they want to be stress free...

    ask yourself something else do you like how things are going? Do you like the FWB thing?Is it worth your time? is it mayb time to move on or not goodbye just see you soon?..

    If not or if you want him to want u...Play hard to get...Put ur foot down once in a while...Remember all I can do is give advice...Only you kno if you want to take it or leave it and only you kno what you want and how ur ex is and how to control the situation...Think and react to the situation before it gets out of hand...

    If ya need anything else, don't hesitate to ask:)


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