How do you say goodbye to someone you really care about, love as a person? How do you get over them? How long does it take?

How do you stop the severe pain in your heart?


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  • There is a saying that all good things must come to an end. Sadly, it's also true with love and relationships. Heartaches and heartbreaks are natural. I think it's also beautiful for me because you've learn to love someone.

    My past heartaches tells me not to forget those but rather accept it. I know that I still love her for a time. And whenever I realize that, I just smile in content. You just can stop a beating heart right? Eventually, I just moved on. Happier, wiser, better. Ready to accept someone again in my life. And I know she'll be lucky to have me ;)


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  • I give myself a time limit to get over it. During that time I can cry as much as I want to, listen to sad love songs and generally mope around. And I also tell myself that I can't call or text them.

    After that time period I can't cry or mope.

    The last time I did this was a couple weeks ago. I gave myself 2 days to weep over a 2 month intense relationship. I'm over it! But the longer the relationship the more time it will take.


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  • It really just takes time. I know it might feel like the pain will never stop- I've been there. But with time you will heal. It's part of being human.

  • it changes person to person but it takes a lot to get over it like years


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