Should I get my ex-GF's parents a little something for Christmas?

Should I get my ex-GF's parents a little something for Christmas?- We dated for 6 years.
- At year 4, she met a guy on one of her vacations & kept him on standby. She never told him that she had a boyfriend.
- 1.5 years later she started emotionally cheating on me with that guy, they planned a 1 month trip to Europe.
- She was planning to "get away with that" by creating fake fights and then "needing a vacation/break" hence, the trip to Europe.

What must also be known is that I was no angel and didn't give her the love and assurance that we would eventually be married someday. I was "uncommitted" and never saw how much she loved me until now.

I feel so sad this Christmas. We could've been planning a Christmas party with both of our families and friends. Instead, I'll be spending it alone.
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  • I would, and with it I'd send a heartfelt card saying how much you thank them for the memories and fun and love they gave you for the holidays and how they're in you're thoughts and prayers during the Christmas season. Nothing too long but not blunt, and I would probably give them something individually but sent together. You know?

  • no u shouldn't


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