Should we be friends?

My boyfriend just recently broke up with me because he says “It wouldn’t work out,” even though we have great conversations, and we are really close, and he perused me first. I’ve known him for 2 years and we’ve been an unofficial/official couple for 3 months before we became official. He told me he still wants to be “best friends,” but a week after we broke up he has been ignoring, avoiding me, and the times we do talk he’s quiet, reserved. Just recently he started going out with my friend, and we just broke up 2 weeks ago! And now his new girl is starting drama with me. I don’t know, should I try to be his friend, or just drop him and my friend.

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  • Never try to be friends with an ex. It is just a messy conflict of interest and bullshit drama. I am sure you have enough other friends. Also, think of your future relationships. Do you think your next boyfriend will like the idea that you are best friends with an ex lover? Not going to work well!


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  • Drop them both. They both crossed a boundary, especially your friend. She crossed a friendship boundary by dating your ex. Not dating my friends' crush or ex is one of my unspoken friendship codes. I'd never do that to her. It's disloyal even though you are no longer with him.

    He's probably avoiding you because he knows what they are doing is wrong. He may feel a little guilty , so is ignoring you

    Remaining friends with an ex just complicates future relationships, and brings too much drama into your life. It's not worth the agro at all.

    I'd move forward in your life and put them behind you xx


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