The crazy things they say?

what is the most craziest thing an ex has said or done to you to try and get you back


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  • The craziest one I ever got was a girl who told me that I was better in bed than her new husband, and she missed sleeping with me.

    Seriously not trying to stroke my own ego, or anything. I was, honestly, so baffled by that, I couldn't even come up with a response. She actually wanted me to break up her new marriage, because we had a good sex life.

    Ummm... apparently she forgot about the reason we broke up in the first place. Which, ironically, was that we had absolutely nothing in common, besides sex.

  • She just said 'you are ugly'. I dont know if she was trying to get back but if she was it failed.

  • I don't even want to go there...


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