Is he really too busy for me or should I move on?

I've been dating this guy that has his own trucking business for about a month and a half. On our first date he said that He was looking for something serious with me and I could come over to his house whenever I want and this still haven't change. He hasn't given me a reason to doubt him. However he returns home late due to his job. But I hate coming over all the time at night. And on the weekends it seems like he's trying to please everybody else and has no time for me. I would really like to see more of him during the weekend or for crying out loud, during the day. Is this guy just pulling me on a string, truly really busy or really not ready for what he thinks he want?


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  • I take it that you two are probably having sex. If I am wrong, let me know, but otherwise, you sound like a super convenient form of booty call. Basically, he doesn't have to call you, worry about planning dates or attending to your needs, but there you are, waiting for him at his house and then getting neglected on the weekends when he actually should have time for you.

    I think he is ready for what he wants, I think you are not ready for what he wants. What he wants is someone available to him, his needs and his schedule who does not expect much in return. I think it is time for you to decide what you want and then figure out if he is even interested in that.

  • give him a chance and talk to him and if it doesn't things work out for the best


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