I am kind of in love with 2 girls what should I do?

My current girlfriend is perfect in everyway i am not in love with her yet but she grows on me more every single day amd we were close friends before dating.. I am dating ber becuase i feel i have a real chance of falling in love with her which i really want that feeling agin ahd she makes me happy. Now the other girl i am 100% still in love with her she my ex girlfriend. I known i knowm if she's a ex she ror a reason but people grow up in change amd mature. My current girlfriend is abit like my ex but not too much only 55%like her. My relationship with my ex girlfriend was good the problem was she let her parent's control our relationship too the point 1 day theh forced her too stop seeing me after a fight we had. It's been 2 years since them amd her mom died... I feel like she has change and she has what am looking for which is the feeling of being in love agin. My current girlfriend is perfect fine with me doing what best for me as long as i am happy. She so perfect sometimes that i hate her... everyone in my family loves her. both myex amd currentgf are very motherly like amd very kind. The biggest diffance is my current girlfriend is a lot. ore muture then my ex girlfriend was. With my ex girlfriend we never once been om a real date becuase of her parents we ways felt like birds in a cage. Both girls were close friends before dating only thing is i known my ex girlfriend for 7 years before we dated.


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  • Buddy, let her go. she's your ex and you have a new girlfriend. Nothing good comes from fucking around with an ex... ever. Leave her in the past and make new roads, you need to move on. If you were really in love you wouldn't have let her go, no matter the circumstances.

    • I was looking for a diffent reply no one that i was expecting. I known a few people who are happily married with a ex girlfriend or boyfriend all becuase they give it a 2nd chance instend of saying its been 2/4 or what ever years they are a ex so i should leave it that way. If you belive nothing good ever comes from a ex its becuase you haven't learned anything from dating them or your very bad at picking people to date. I had to let my ex girlfriend go their was nothing else i could do. Even if you love someone you gotta known when too move on if not it becomes a obsession. I do understand my ex girlfriend is not the only way for me too find what i am looking for. But i don't listem too people with 1 mind vriews like yours. But thank you for your input

    • Im only saying that "I mind view" because you have a girlfriend. If you were single there would be no problems going back. But obviously you really do know how to lead a girl on if you are in love with your ex...

    • My current girlfriend knowns i tell her everything so i haven't lead her on my ex was my first love by the way so may always love her. My curremt gr kmowns am worried about not falling in love with her yet she knowns everything am saying

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