Starting to talk to an ex again?

I want to start talking to my ex again, but I'm not really sure how to go about it. We've been apart for 7ish months now and haven't spoken for almost 2 months. Our last conversation wasn't very friendly. I've been wanting to talk to her forever but have resisted because I'm not sure how to do it cause I'm sure she still hates me. Any advice?


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  • Actually, if you were the one who dumped her and broke up with her, it's normal, even if she still loves you and you texts her, she wouldn't be friendly, she would be distant instead. If you want to text her, go for it, but don't say something like I miss you, just consider a longer conversation with her, don't text everyday, do it twice a week, if she is interested she will try to text you too, but iniate contact, and if she is still interested you can both meet but don't consider it as a date. Just to rekindle the old relationship you both used to have. I think 7 months is a long duration, but if she hasn't moved on, she may be interested again, if she has already moved on and found a new guy, then I would say move on too. Good luck

  • if she still hates u wait more


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