Do you think contacting your ex, is seen as being desperate?

I dated an old ex for about 10 months his name was Juan. I think out of all my 11 exes, Juan left an impact on me, I truly genuinely still care about him and have love for him. He was so full of life, real, intelligent, sensitive, hilarious, cute, heart of gold, vulnerable and really sweet. We were drawn together like magnets. We thought and talked the same, like twins. What eventually drove us apart was his drug and alcohol addiction, the stress of being in his late 20s, trying to become a sous chef and living with 4 different people was really taking a toll on him. So he became distant and frustrated. Until we had a huge saying he wished he never got involved with me. 30 minutes later he was apologizing and knows I was trying to look out for him but I had enough. He just said he wished he showed more appreciation to me and that he's really sorry and that he'll miss me. A month later he came back saying he missed me and looked at pictures of me for a brief happiness and was doing more damage now that I was gone. We tried to work it out but ended on a mutual level. I met another guy named Cameron, and we dated for 10 months as well, I could only describe him as a kind Prince Charming and positive. He didn't do drugs, alcohol, he attended mass daily and a virgin. We never even had a argument, I thanked God for him. He always gave me advice and was so good to me. Until one day he decided he no longer wanted to with by saying "Have a nice life" and nothing else. I was devastated and confused. I contacted Juan just telling him despite what he has done, "I know you're a good person and you have character and you're brave for being so open with me the whole time we were together, and I appreciate that more than anything. Thank you for not leaving me in the dark. I don't want anything from you by the way. Even a guy who appears like a dream hurt me more than you did. You're a better person than him " He said thanks if I ever wanted to ask him for advice, I can count on him


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  • That's not desperate, he told you he will be there for you.


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